Successful people create their own terms for the life they would like to lead. There is a huge world of difference between ‘you being in control of your life’ & ‘your life controlling you’. Where do you fit in? Do you have a larger dream of your life? Do you want to live your life at higher standards than where you are currently? The life that you are living today is an outcome of a few decisions that you had taken at some point in your life.  The map that you have for your life is what’s creating the actions. If you need to change the action that you are taking, you need to change your map.


This workshop will facilitate you to learn & master:

  • Define your destiny that you can turn into reality
  • To Design your Life & destiny
  • Program your mind for success
  • The methodology to be in a state of Peak Performance
  • Re-Ignite your passion to achieve the ultimate vision of your life in any area – Financial, Physical, Emotional, Relationship, Spiritual, Business, Career
  • Understand the driving force within you & utilize them
  • Break through whatever has been holding you back
  • Reprogram your brain to a higher level of success by creating new patterns
  • Gain Success Mastery & live the life you have always dreamt of

It’s a common sight to have seen that successful people become more & more successful. They are able to accomplish this because they create patterns in their brain that help them to move forward towards their goals constantly. Taking action is what differentiates successful people from the rest. What one needs are methodologies to break through their own limiting beliefs to be able to do so. Proven techniques are used to help you gain Success Mastery and in Shaping Your Destiny.

Duration: 3 Days, 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Pre-requisite: Should have completed either a Personal Mastery or Business Mastery workshop with Jeffrey Rakesh


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